Correct Lash Application V’s Incorrect Lash Application

I have had a number of ladies who have come to me because they have been disappointed by their previous lash experience....

And I have had others go elsewhere because they prefer the "fake look" (which I don't do) or because they have found somewhere cheaper...

Whoever you chose and whatever style you prefer is entirely up to you. That's what makes us all different...

But.... when it comes to the health of your natural lashes (and your eyes), it is a good idea to do your research and choose your technician wisely.

Everyone's natural lashes are different. They can be long, short, full, sparse, healthy or weak.

Whatever your natural lashes are like, the technician applying your lash extensions should take this all into consideration...

And then apply the correct weight and length of lash extension to your natural lash, so as not to cause any long term damage.

To avoid even further damage, the lash extensions should be applied with a seamless bond without touching the skin so as not to cause any irritation.

You should NOT feel your lash extensions being applied and you should NOT feel any discomfort after your treatment!

When lash extensions are applied properly, you should NOT be able to see clumps of glue...

Nor should they be stuck together at the base.

You may not be able to see this when you look 'face on' into the mirror... but it will be obvious when looking along the lash line, especially from above. (If you are not sure or can't see, ask someone to check or take a photo for you.)

With Volume lashes (where several lash extensions are applied to one single natural lash), really fine lash extensions should be used.

They should have a 'pointy' base and applied to the natural lash with a MINIMAL amount of glue to create a seamless bond.

They SHOULD NOT be applied with a thick base and lots of glue, as this can cause several of your natural lashes to stick together which will damage them as they grow out.

Our natural lashes are at different stages of their growth cycle, so if they get stuck together, they will buckle, twist and become easily damaged, potentially causing long term problems.

When they are applied properly, they will grow out with the natural lash without causing any issues.


As a lash technician, I personally prefer to take the health of your lashes into consideration before applying your lash extensions...

And I will apply the correct weight, length and style to suit your lashes.

Then, if you decide to have your lash extensions removed at a later date, you can be sure that there will be NO damage to your natural lashes.

If you have had a bad lash experience in the past or would love to try lash extensions for the first time but not sure what is the best option for you, just ping me a message.

I am more than happy to help and advise. 🙂


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