Microblading by Hannah Burns

How are semi-permanent hair strokes created?

More and more people are wanting natural looking, permanent, hair stroke eyebrows that only the art of Microblading can achieve.

Microblading is a technique used to create the most realistic looking brows using fine ‘hair strokes’ to mimic the look of real brows.

Instead of traditional cosmetic tattoo treatments which uses a machine, Microblading uses a handheld tool to meticulously create fine hair strokes one by one.

Pigment is then implanted into the channels created by the tool and the result is realistic looking, semi-permanent hair stroke eyebrows.

Download the Microblading Information Pack here

Booking an Appointment...

Patch tests are required at least 48 hours before your first treatment (although you can have a scratch test on the day of your appointment) to be sure that you do not have any allergies or are likely to have a reaction to the products used during your treatment.

Please contact Hannah for further information or to book an appointment.

**PLEASE NOTE: A K.B Pro Brow Microblading treatment is a three–part process usually completed within two appointments. ** 

Cost Per Treatment:

Payment in Full:

(Booking Fee required): £50

Full payment: £300

2x Payment:

Booking Fee: £50

1st Treatment: £245
Retouch: £55

Payment Plan:

Booking Fee: £50

Pay in installments via PayPal
(*credit check required)