Microblading by Hannah Burns

What are Designer Brows?

Traditional Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique that creates realistic looking ‘hairstrokes’ to mimic the look of real brows.

Where some people absolutely love this look, there are others who would perhaps prefer a powdered brow look or maybe a stronger, more defined brow instead.

With the introduction to our 'Designer Brows', we can now offer a style to suit you.

The techniques used to create each individual look still uses a specialised handheld tool to create a shaded effect as well as individual hair strokes.

Pigment is implanted into the skin, resulting in instant, realistic looking, semi- permanent brows.

Choose the perfect brow to suit you...

Structured Realism

Structured RealismBrow

This style of brow is perfect for anyone who likes neat, well groomed eyebrows.

The hair strokes are created in a very uniform pattern to create a precise look.

Advanced Realism

This style of brow is perfect if you prefer a un-groomed, natural looking brow.

This style of brow is created using flurries of hair strokes that meet and cross each other.


This style of brow is perfect if you want a little bit more definition but still want natural, fluffy edges.

It is also perfect if you fill in your natural brows with shadow and desire a slightly more defined brows but nothing as neat or as powerful as a Sculpted or Ombre brow.

This style works well with limited natural brow hair, as the small amount of shading adds density to the mid sections where the hair is thinning.


This style of brow is perfect if you prefer a stronger, defined and more structured makeup look.

Hair strokes are added to the bulb and upper sections of the brow where needed with intense shading along the baseline to give a pristine finish to the brow.

This style of brow works very well if you already have a good amount of natural brow hair but like to define the arches with a strong powder brow.


This style is perfect if you do not want a hair stroke realism look.

It is suitable for those who prefer a shadowy soft, powdery makeup effect rather than the harsher edges of the typical powder brow.

The design is darker and more intense at the root (base line and tail) and softens seamlessly to a paler more diffused effect in the bulb and upper sections.

Booking an Appointment...

Patch tests are required at least 48 hours before your first treatment (although you can have a scratch test on the day of your appointment) to be sure that you do not have any allergies or are likely to have a reaction to the products used during your treatment.

Please contact Hannah for further information or to book an appointment.

**PLEASE NOTE: A K.B Pro Brow Microblading treatment is a three–part process usually completed within two appointments. ** 

For the Designer Brows Treatment Process, click here


Cost Per Treatment

We have various payment options available. Please see below:

Payment in Full:

(Booking Fee required): £50

Full payment: £300

2x Payment:

Booking Fee: £50

1st Treatment: £245
Retouch: £55

Payment Plan:

Booking Fee: £50

Pay in installments via PayPal
(*credit check required)

For more information, please contact Hannah here.