What are Volume Lashes?

Volume lashes are a relatively new technique that add both length and fullness to the natural lashes.

Volume lash extensions were designed to fill in the gaps where classic eyelash extensions could not. 

Multiple extensions are applied to one individual eyelash. Each extension is extremely light in weight and create a fluffy, soft appearance that is not heavy or damaging to the natural eyelash. 

With volume lashes, you have the option of how much or how little volume you would like added to your natural lashes. The amount of lashes added will depend on your desired look.



Advantages of Volume Lashes:

  • Volume Lashes offers a variety of styles, ranging from natural looking volume to a fuller, more glamorous look.
  • Due to the technique used when applying the lashes, volume lashes can last a lot longer than normal, individual lashes.
  • Infills are not required as often as with individual lash extensions, as gaps/ lash loss is often far less apparent.
  • It does not damage your natural lashes.
  • Treatment can take 1 - 3 hours (depending on the look desired).

Treatment requirements:

  • If you are prone to allergies, a sensitivity patch test may be required before your first treatment.
  • For the best results, please remove all mascara and eye makeup 24 hours before your appointment.

Cost per treatment = £75.00
Note: If you would prefer a fuller look, prices may vary.

Cost per infill = £25 - £30 (depending on condition)

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