What is the difference between Microblading and Semi-Permanent Makeup?

It is a common misconception that Microblading and Semi-Permanent Makeup (Machine) are the same thing. Although the end results are both very similar in appearance, the method used to create the hair strokes are slightly different.

I have had several clients who have come to me for a Microblading treatment and have commented on how quiet my machine is!

Umm.... that's because I am not using a machine!!

(also referred to as permanent cosmetics and micropigmentation) is created using a cosmetic tattoo machine.

It gently implants pigment into the skin using a variety of fine needles. Although it is similar to a regular tattoo machine, the frequency is much lower, meaning the pigment is implanted closer to the surface to create a more realistic look.

With semi-permanent makeup, you can also opt for other treatments that include lip colour, natural lip blush, subtle lash enhancement or feline latino eyeliner flicks.

uses a handheld tool rather than a machine. It incorporates a small blade which is made up from a series of needles, designed to create small channels and 'flick' pigment into the skin.

These needles are much sharper than a machine. The channels created by the blade sit close to the surface of the skin and the hair strokes produced are even more precise and realistic.

Each hair stroke is meticulously created one by one, resulting in natural looking eyebrows that no one could ever guess that you have had!


Not all skin types are suited to Microblading. Some are better suited to machine.

Likewise, you may want a bolder, more defined look which could be better created by a machine.

This is why I offer both options...

To find the best option to suit your specific requirements AND your skin type.

But I don't expect you to make that decision on your own...

I am always there to help advise.

If you would like to book a FREE consultation to discuss options, get in touch.

2 thoughts on “What is the difference between Microblading and Semi-Permanent Makeup?

  1. Jeanette Strudwick says:

    I wanted to say how pleased I am with my new eyebrows and including the final re-touch. Hannah is a lovely professional person with a caring nature who takes extreme pride in all her work. I will be returning for other cosmetic treatment when funds permit. Please do not hesitate to book with Hannah, you will be truly delighted. Jeanette

    • HannahB says:

      Thank you Jeanette! 🙂 It was an absolute pleasure to do your brows and to meet you! I am so pleased that you are happy with them. I hope to see you again soon. Hannah xx

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